About FMF

Fund My Future is a program administered by the Propel Schools Foundation to help families of children in Allegheny County to save for college and other post-secondary goals. Fund My Future provides a prize pool that makes the saving experience fun. Community events with partners make it easy to save in a variety of ways and places.

With support from both the Mayor of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Executive, Fund My Future is now universally available to all Allegheny County families with children, from birth to age 18.

This is what some families have said about participating in Fund My Future:

“My son actually comes to me and says we need to deposit. This makes me take [saving for college] more seriously and think about it more on a continuous basis.”

The ritual of making Fund My Future deposits “gives me a reason to tell my first grader the importance of saving for college.”

In order to participate, any adult over 18 can sign in to the Fund My Future portal and provide the name of each child. In order to be eligible for various raffle prizes, you must then link the financial account (bank, credit union, or 529) being used as the vehicle for long term savings to the child’s name in the Fund My Future portal. There is a chance to win prizes for every dollar deposited. Over the next year, the prize pool is $15,000.