How to Enroll

Step 1: Creating a Fund My Future Account

To create a Fund My Future account, simply visit our website at and click “Sign Up Today.”


Step 2: Setting up a Bank Account

*If you have a child’s savings account, please skip to step 3

The next step is setting up a long-term savings account for your child’s future that you do not make withdrawals from. If you don’t already have a bank account, you have several options:


Option A: Going to a Branch

Set up an account at a bank branch. This could be a bank that you already have an account with or a bank in a convenient location for you to access. Almost all banks have custodial accounts for children’s long-term savings that you can open by going into a bank branch. Please see a FMF team member for an overview of savings accounts at banks in this region.


Option B: Opening an Account Online

Some banks have the option to open savings accounts online. Ask a FMF team member for a list of some of the banks that allow you to open child’s savings accounts online. You can also open a 529 plan online.


Step 3: Have Fun Making Deposits!

Congratulations on enrolling in Fund My Future! You will receive a raffle ticket each month and be eligible to win the monthly prizes if you make a deposit of $1 or more. Please note that some bank accounts will close your account if you do not make a deposit within a few weeks.


If you still have questions, please call or email. We can also set up a private appointment to help you set up an account. Call 412-440-8946 or email